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Premiere Estates International was built on its founders' sound belief in the power of global bespoke marketing combined with proprietary sale platforms which focus on obtaining market value. Using this winning combination, Premiere Estates helps estate owners receive the maximum value for their property. Since Premiere Estates was founded, we have represented over $ 1 billion of the world's finest estates for some of the world's most prominent sellers. With offices across California, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean, our three thousand agents cover your market. 

Premiere Estates International Services:  

  • Hybrid Brokerage 
  • International Brokerage
  • Worldbid Auctions 
  • Probate & Court Ordered Sales Experts 
  • Strategic Marketing 

With a long history of providing our clients expertise since 1908, BRAUN is one of the leading bespoke service providers of Worldbid Auctions, Appraisals, Hybrid Brokerage, and more. With locations in New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago & London, our team of experts specialize across industries, so you can be confident in the expert service and customized asset solutions we deliver each and every time

Braun International Services:

  • Hybrid Brokerage
  • International Brokerage
  • Worldbid Auctions 
  • Asset Valuations 
  • Capital Lending 
  • Minority Interest Market Xchange  

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