Our Story

In 2013, Connor Wohl, then a Mira Costa High School freshman, saw a missing link in the South Bay car community; there needed to be consistent, organized car-related events in Manhattan Beach. With that in mind, he partnered with Davinci High School Classic Car Club President Aidan Nesicolaci, who shared a similar vision. United behind this objective, the team organized and hosted the first-ever Manhattan Beach Concourse D' Elegance on May 31st, 2014. Following a successful first event, the duo hosted the 2015 Festival of Motoring. While both events were successful in their own regards, the pair felt it was time to rally the local car community around a monthly event.

After careful planning, Connor and Aidan launched the first version of Manhattan Beach Cars and Coffee at the Mira Costa High School parking lot in Spring 2016. In addition, they partnered and co-hosted with South Bay Exotics, run by Max Berger, Jake Johnson, Maxwell Baumer, and Dimitri Pouliopoulos, to help expand the show's following. After a couple of years of successful events, the initial C & C team moved off to college, thus passing the torch to Mira Costa High School student Zach Wohl. While today, Manhattan Beach Cars and Coffee is a much larger event compared to its initial days; it still represents the core values developed by Connor and Aidan back in 2015.

Current Leadership

Connor Wohl

Co-Founder, Event President

Daily Driver: 2000 BMW M Roadster

From a young age, Connor was exposed to the true essence of California car culture through local events, weekend cruises, and visits to the famed Laguna Seca Raceway. As a high school student, Connor expanded on his passion by developing and co-hosting Manhattan Beach's first official car show and the subsequent MB Festival of Motoring. From there, Connor co-founded Manhattan Beach Cars and Coffee, which has hosted over 70 enthusiast-oriented events. Following his return as event president in 2021, Connor has handled event logistics, marketing, and sponsorships. He holds a BA from Indiana University and an MS in Marketing from Santa Clara University. Furthermore, he is the Director of Real Estate Services at Premiere Estates International. 

Aidan Nesicolaci


Daily Driver: 2014 Porsche Panamera GTS

Growing up, Aidan developed an innate passion for everything automobile stemming from his late grandfather Donald Wohl. Through the years, Aidan has been active in the LA car community, helping co-found and host the first Manhattan Beach Concourse D' Elegance and, ultimately, Manhattan Beach Cars & Coffee. Through his role at MB C & C, Aidan has been responsible for the continued growth of the event's online presence. As of late, Aidan holds a BA & MBA from Marymount California University and loves the automotive industry, with over ten years of experience through his dealership Katalytic Motorcars. Additionally, Aidan is a Test Drive Specialist with Fisker Inc. 

Ryan Magee

Event Photographer 

Daily Driver: 2008 Porsche Cayman 

Ryan Magee is a freelance photographer from Redondo Beach specializing in the car & automotive space. His passion is to bring out the stunning details in cars, and he has found there is truly no better place to do that than beautiful Southern California! Ryan primarily shoots with his full-frame Nikon Mirrorless camera, as its capabilities for all conditions and locations exceed expectations! When it comes to cars, whether old or new, fast or slow, there's always something unique about a vehicle that can be captured with a fantastic photo. Ryan's been attending MB C & C for a few years and joined the team in August 2022.  

Past Leadership

Zachary Wohl

Event Host (2019-2021)

Zachary is a lifelong car enthusiast who became engulfed in motorsport after attending a track day at Willow Springs Raceway around age 7. As a Mira Costa High School student, Zach was four-time class president and the host of Manhattan Beach Cars & Coffee. Through Zach's unique position as class president and event host, he could share his passion for automobile mechanics and engineering with an entirely new generation of enthusiasts. He worked tirelessly to expand the event through website development, content creation, and community outreach. Zach is a Junior at Indiana University and hopes to enter the finance industry post-graduation.

South Bay Exotics 

Event Host (2016-2019)

Founded in 2015, South Bay Exotics is a Manhattan Beach-based car photography group composed of Maximus Berger, Jake Johnson, Maxwell Baumer, Dimitri Pouliopoulos, and Ty Dillman. Starting from the ground up, SBE used its wide-ranging passion for collector cars to amass over 30k Instagram followers and raise thousands for the Chrysalis Foundation. This group of automobile enthusiasts was critical in developing MB C & C as they focused on event logistics, car procurement, and partnership outreach. Furthermore, as MB C & C host, Jake Johnson assisted with event development during the COVID-19 pandemic by organizing weekend cruises and creating content for social media channels.