Is The Porsche Past Greater Than The Present?


Written By: Zachary B. Wohl 

In the new age of high-performance sports cars, where speed and power are more valued than a symphony of mechanical prowess, it makes us car enthusiasts look back into the past. Looking back into the legacies that many manufacturers hold, including the Ferrari V12 lineage or the BMW M models, the one that clearly stands out to me is the legendary Porsche 911. For generations, the 911 has clearly been the driver's choice as it has a blend of track heritage with a mixture of everyday usability. This article is not to talk about the 911 heritage, but more so to focus on one car that has all the car enthusiasts turning their heads once they see one.

The Porsche 997.2 GT3 RS continues to captivate enthusiasts and remains a pinnacle of automotive achievement. Obviously, there is an apparent reason why this specific model is becoming the dream for Porsche fanatics. New GT3 editions do not tick like they used to, or maybe they do, but clearly not in my eyes.

Equipped with a 3.8 L flat-six engine, producing 444 bhp to the rear wheels, this symphonic masterpiece makes you work for it. The car has an increase of 15bhp (at 300 rpm higher) over the GT3. That means 117 bhp/litre, and while the torque output of 317 lb-ft is unchanged, it, too, is produced at higher revs. Inside the cabin, there is a glorious sound at 4 to 5,000 rpm, but after that note, it gets louder and more raw as an aggressive thrash hits you right before the 8,000 mark. Let's just say this heavy clutch makes city traffic a leg day workout that will make you sore for days to come.

Produced only from 2010-2012, with only 1,619 units worldwide, those with one will hold on for the long run. If you are a true Porsche motorsport enthusiast, you would know that the 917, 935, RSR, and those of you who are Formula 1 fans, TAG 1.5 L Turbo V6, were built by the late Hans Mezger. I bring up the engineering mastermind because the 997 GT3 RS was the last of his long-living legacy before retirement.

The 3.8 RS is not only known for its infamous engine but essentially the whole package. From the notchy six-speed manual transmission to the track-tuned suspension, the car could go from a street menace to an on-track race car. Growing up around the Porsche heritage, I appreciate the slick design. Equipped with a large rear carbon wing producing heavy downforce and the classic checkered GT3 rs sticker along the side and rear body panels, it makes this car unforgettable. Produced in numerous colorways, including the illustrious aqua blue metallic and guards red colorways, this car stands out in a crowd of Porsches.

Though it may be the little brother to the bespoke 4.0 L, the 3.8 is being sold at record-high prices. Ranging from the upper 200k to low 300K, you would be lucky to find one under the 260 mark. Back in 2013, you could purchase one of these proper machines for $175K; however, times have changed, and newer is not always better. This car might be one for the books and clock in at around half a million in a decade or two. Who knows!

As we approach the end of 2023, the Porsche 997.2 GT3 RS continues to be a celebrated icon in the world of automotive enthusiasts. It's a testament to Porsche's dedication to crafting vehicles that not only perform at the highest level but also engage and inspire the driver like no other. Whether you're an aficionado of motorsport or appreciate the pinnacle of sports car engineering, the 997.2 GT3 RS is a machine that commands respect and admiration. It is, without a doubt, a legend revisited, redefined, and reborn for a new generation of thrill-seekers and connoisseurs alike.